Find your fortune using a Numerology Name Calculator

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Numerology Name Calculators are widely used nowadays to calculate a person's lucky number and his characteristics by observing the number. All you have to do is to simply  input your name and birth date on the calculator and submit it; the calculator will do the rest for you.

To know more about the function of the calculator, first we have to know something about numerology.

Numerology is mainly a special study on numbers. If by numerology a person's number is found to be 1 this is called his lucky number. His characteristics are reflected according to the characteristics of number 1. It is assumed that all people having similar lucky number by numeric system has similar characteristics.

We can say numerology is a special type of relationship between numbers and life. There are many people who believe in numerology blindly. A special type of numerology named isopsephy was very known among the mathematicians like Pythagoras. This isopsephy is no more a part of modern mathematics. It is summoned by modern scientists as pseudo mathematics.

These days numerology got mixed up with astrology and other divinatory facts. Those who has faith in numerology and do research on it are known as Numerologist.

History of Numerology

Ancient numerology was based upon the theories of philosophers and mathematicians like Babylonian Pythagoras and their followers. They believed that mathematical basics are much more practical than physical one. Though many scholars believed in numerology, it had never gained the favor of Christian Authority. So it was passed from masters to followers and so on, until today not need any approval, its commonly accepted.

How Numerology works

Most of the numerical systems assign a numerical value to each of the letters. Some examples of this type of numerals are Hebrew Numerals, Armenian Numerals and Greek Numerals. In Jewish culture they had a belief that there is a connection between the words with certain numerical value with other words containing same numerical value. This is known as gematria. There are a lot more methods of calculation. These are Chaldean, Hebraic, Helyn Hitchcock's method, Phonetic and many more.

Function of the Numerology Name Calculator

A Numerology name calculator simply takes your given name and adds its letters to find out another name with the same value obtained by adding the letters of the first name. It also finds the lucky number for your name and lucky letters. And besides all these it gives you the characteristics by checking out your lucky number.

Each letter has its own numerical value. The sum of the numbers obtained from your birth date and the sum of the letter's numerical values from your name has a correlation between them. All these numbers let you know everything about your life, characteristics, purposes and what you should do to gain success in your life. Numerology Name Calculator deals with all these facts and tells you which name suits best and which name can bring you good luck and success in your life. You have to choose the name by arranging the lucky letters provided by Numerology Name Calculator.

Benefits of using a Numerology Name Calculator

Numerology Name Calculator mostly shows the good characters of a person. So if a person after using this sees that he has so many good characteristics hidden in him he tries to wake them up and sometimes become a new man/woman.

Numerology Name Calculators are widely used among the believers to choose a lucky name for their children or close ones. Sometimes, a person who has no faith in it also tries out his/her name in it to see what it comes with.

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Find your fortune using a Numerology Name Calculator

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Find your fortune using a Numerology Name Calculator

This article was published on 2012/04/09